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After a heartbreaking sentencing hearing and recap of the details, as well as emotional statements by Paul’s family, Miranda Dalton was sentenced to 96-245 months, administrative fees, and roughly 12,000$ in penalties. This is the maximum allowed by Nevada law, and what the family and DA requested.

Upon her eventual release, she will be required to use an in-vehicle breath test for 3 years in order to operate an automobile.

Nevada law does not recognize “good behavior”, which means she will serve at minimum 8 years, and at maximum 20 years. After the minimum has been served, she will be given a parole hearing, where the family can speak. If she is granted parole, she is released under the parole terms. If denied, she will serve addition time until another parole hearing is allows. This cycle will continue until she she either serves the maximum, or is granted parole.

We would like to thank everyone for their prays, letters, and support.


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