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Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) – A woman accused in a deadly DUI crash is caught partying at a bar. Miranda Dalton had been free on bail since the deadly crash last month. Not only was she caught at a bar, but the person who caught her is a member of the victim’s family.

“It’s almost emotionally, it crushes you inside. Where’s the justice in any of this,” asks Dawn Fullerton.

She is still grieving the death of her brother Paul Maidman. On April 8th Paul Maidman was going to make copies for his online class. He got into his Buick Century and was waiting at a traffic light at Cheyenne near Soaring Gulls, between Cimarron and Durango. Police say that’s when Dalton’s Jeep Grand Cherokee slammed into the back of Maidman’s car, killing him.

Dalton was less than one mile from her home at the time of the accident.

Police arrested and charged Miranda Dalton with drunk driving. She posted bail on the condition she stop drinking and wear an ankle bracelet that monitors alcohol consumption. That was short lived though.

“I had gotten calls that she was out at different bars,” says Fullerton.

May 1, Dawn Fullerton went to Dylan’s Roadhouse on Boulder Highway to see the 29 year old for herself. What she saw was unexpected.

“She was wearing a long haired black wig and glasses,” she said.

Fullerton says pictures show Dalton dancing, sitting in one man’s lap and wearing the same outfit she wore the night her brother died.

“As I took a couple of pictures, one of her friends noticed and put her arm in front of me. She then looked and called out, ‘Miranda, Miranda’ and called her attention and was like look at this, look what’s going on. So I just left,” recalled Fullerton.

It was a hard thing for Fullerton to see on her brother’s birthday.

“It’s very upsetting to know that here’s his birthday, his family is just trying to hold it together cause he should be here,” Fullerton said.

Dalton returned to court this week after reports of tampering with her monitoring device came in. Hearing of her nightly escapades the judge called Fullerton as a witness and asked for her pictures.

Before Paul’s sister could testify, Dalton admitted she was going out to bars with her friends.

“Obviously you have no remorse, you have respect for law or humans or anything. And the Judge remanded her to custody. It felt good to watch those handcuffs go on her,” said Fullerton.

Although the District Attorney says there’s no proof of her drinking, her going out was enough for the judge to send her back to jail Wednesday and set bail at $500,000.

Miranda Dalton’s preliminary hearing was originally set for October 12th, but now she has a court date on May 24th.

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